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 HTC-EVO-3DThe HTC EVO 3D comes with cutting-edge specs, such as the 3D display, Sprint 4G data speeds, dual-core processor as well as camera. But the device is equipped with one more feature that puts it ahead of the pack, i.e. the MHL port.

The MHL is a digital audio interface as well as 1080p HD video that allows to connect smartphone and other portable devices to HDTVs. It is capable to simultaneously power your mobile device. As for HDMI cables, they are not capable to do this.

Due to the spec any TV remote is able to control the interface, content and apps of your handset. In fact, it is possible to hook your mobile device up to any HDTV, as a result, you will get access to it on the big screen.

MHL will feature just one port and it is necessary to have at least one cable to charge and hook up to a TV. Such HDMI-enabled handset as the HTC EVO 4G features two ports: the HDMI port as well as microISB port. With a single port smartphones are sleeker and slimmer in terms of build.

Users can take advantage of standard USB connector with the port. During the connection, your mobile device will recognize it when it is hooked up to a USB port or MHL port.

The HTC EVO 3D is considered to be the first mobile device in the U.S. market that is supportive to the MHL 1.0. The Galaxy S II is another handset that is announced to feature an MHL port. The HTC View 4G will be the first tablet device that will come with an MHL port. The tablet will be offered through Sprint. One can expect that we will be able to see more MHL-enabled devices this year, we are talking about tablets, smartphones and even TVs.

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