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 Google Google revealed three updates for its Android for Business portfolio. The updates are targeted at connecting with colleagues and security. They will be offered to all customers of Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Business.

The Google Apps Device Policy is the first app that has received an upgrade. With the help of this app an admin is able to remotely wipe data, set the minimum level of security for a password as well as lick idle devices. With the upgrade employees are provided with an opportunity to locate stolen or lost device on a map, reset the device password or PIN remotely as well as ring the device via the new My Devices Website.

It should be mentioned that users will be able to take advantage of these features only with devices that are based on Android 2.2 Froyo or higher version. One can find several third-party apps that can provide with similar features, but still it is nice that Google includes this into core functionality of Android, which will facilitate corporate integration.

As for the second update, it is possible for Google Apps administrators to encrypt data on tablets running Android 3.0. It is a big deal for tablets that are already available in the market. Unencrypted data, which can be stored on devices, has been regarded as one of the main obstacles for Android’s integration into the corporate ecosystem. It means that people who are using tablets for business can take advantage of more options that are more secure. It is necessary for devices to feature version 2.0 or higher.

Google Apps Lookup is considered to be the third announcement. It is a new corporate contacts app, due to which it will be much easier to contact and find others within your organization. When taking advantage of the app one can speak or type the email address or name and then tap to contact them through an e-mail, handset, text message or IM. Lookup requires Android 2.1 or higher versions.

Each update offers a significant step forward for the platform.

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