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 Motorola-Atrix-and-Xoom According to analysts, the Motorola Xoom and Atrix are experiencing disappointing early sales. Both devices use the Android operating system.

Despite analyst’s concerns, Verizon Wireless issued a statement that it is pleased with customer response to the Xoom. But the carrier almost never discloses sales figures and the same happened this time.

According to AT&T, its customers are satisfied with the Atrix and the carrier itself is pleased with the sales results. The network carrier also did not disclose sales figures. Motorola Mobility, which is considered to be the maker of both devices, did not comment on the matter.

One can assume that Verizon does not want to reveal sales of Xoom as it will have to compare it with the first-generation iPad, which reached 300,000 sold units during the first weekend. According to reports Apple sold 1 million units of iPad 2 during its opening weekend.

Calculation was made by a Deutsche Bank analyst. It was revealed that Motorola has sold 100,000 Xoom tablets since its launch.

According to James Faucette, analyst at Pacific Crest, the Atrix is sold well below forecast. It was revealed that the smartphone was hurt by lower prices of the as well as Apple iPhone 3GS. He considers that sales for the Xoom and Atrix have been disappointing

AT&T and Verizon could be pleased with sales of Xoom as the carriers view one smartphone or tablet as part of the whole inventory of many devices. It is easy for Verizon’s customer to compare the iPad 2 and Xoom. In case customers do not like one tablet, they are able to buy the other. Anyway the carrier is in the winning position as the customer can acquire one or the other device.

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