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 HTC-Thunderbolt The HTC Thunderbolt will use the LTE network of Verizon. According to Wirefly, online retailer, Wednesday was the first day of smartphone’s pre-sales. It turned out, that they were 400% higher compared to any other mobile device pre-sale in the eight-year history of the company.

Although the number of pre-orders was not disclosed, it was stated that the first Verizon LTE-based smartphone accounted for 25% of all sales on Tuesday. Consumers could pre-order the handset starting Tuesday at 3 a.m. ET.

Wirefly considers itself the number one retailer of smartphone, handsets as well as cell phone plans. But it does not offer handsets that run on AT&T, which means it does not sell the iPhone, which has proved to be the best-selling smartphone.

The pre-sale record of the Thunderbolt reveals that there is demand for the handset that will use the LTE network of Verizon.

Wirefly sells the smartphone for $199.99. The Thunderbolt comes bundled with a two-year service agreement of Verizon. The latter will offer the handset for $249.99.

A range of Web sites, such as Amazon.com, usually sell smartphones at a lower price compared to carriers. According to analysts, they use the discount so as to attract attention to their site.

As for Best Buy, it offered the Runderbolt for $299.99 for several weeks which helped build interest in the handset. As a result, the retailer lowered the price to $249.99 on Tuesday. Best Buy disclosed that the price drop to $249.99 would be only through March 19. But later the retailer plans to kick the price back up to $299.99 on March 20.

The retailer indicates that there is customer interest in the first LTE smartphone of Verizon. In fact, the HTC Thunderbolt has managed to generate a lot of interest since its announcement. Today is the launch day of the HTC Thunderbolt.

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