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 T-Mobile-Astound Due to the AT&T purchase of T-Mobile it is quite ironic to say that a T-Mobile phone is the fastest handset that was presented at CTIA this year. What is more surprising is that the T-Mobile Astound is based on the Symbian platform. But don’t even think to dismiss the handset immediately as it is enabled with a range of solid specs.

The Nokia Astound has a price tag of $80. It comes bundled with a two-year contract of T-Mobile. According to Nokia, the mobile device is designed for first-time users of smartphones who want to pay less money for a data plan. Owners of Astound will have to pay about $10 per month for this plan.

The Astound can look familiar for you as it is considered to be the branded version of the Nokia C7 offered by T-Mobile. Although the two handsets have a lot of similarities, still the C7 is available in an all-black color scheme and it lacks the most recent Symbian version.

The Astound features an 8 MP camera that is complete with HD video capture. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch AMOLED display and is offered with 8GB of memory.

The handset looks attractive with a silver and white color scheme. It has a slim profile. We did not like how the maker integrated the microSD card slot on the mobile device. In order to get into it, one should remote the back along with battery.

The Astound can look attractive outside, but what about inside features? Symbian is a powerful platform, but still it feels dated compared to Apple’s iOS, Android 2.3 as well as RIM’s BlackBerry OS. As it is the latest version of Symbian S^3, owners will be able to use a portrait QWERTY keyboard as well as improved browser.

The Astound will be available in the market starting April 6. It can be bought online and at stores of T-Mobile.

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