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 Nokia According to the latest news, Nokia refused to release a touchscreen handset. Initially, it was planed that the handset would be unveiled exclusively with AT&T at the Mobile World Congress Show that will be held in February.

With such a decision the handset maker will miss its opportunity to gain a stronger foothold in the U.S.

The manufacturer refused to comment whether it had cancelled an imminent handset release. In a statement Nokia said that it is working hard in order to regain its leadership in the market of the U.S. The company has also active discussion with partners on the strategy. Nokia is looking for meaningful ways so as to market with operator partners.

Being the largest handset maker, Nokia has just a tiny share of the market. One should not forget that once it had a considerable presence in the market of U.S. It is speculated that the Finish company had trouble negotiating with U.S. operators that usually subsidize mobile devices, offering them with two-year contracts to customers. Nokia has released smarphones in the U.S in the past few years. But the mobile devices are offered at full price and they are sold directly to customers.

Nokia was going to make a comeback in the U.S. Moreover, the mobile maker has launched research facilities as well as opened flagship stores. According to Nokia, the U.S. market is important. Quite a lot of influential developers are now in the U.S. market.

Nokia is currently struggling to offer cutting-edge smartphones that can be attractive to customers of U.S. The mobile maker integrates the Symbian operating system that is criticized by many. Moreover, the company is developing another operating system along with Intel. It is designed for high-end handsets and has the name of Meego. It is expected that phones will get it this year.

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