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 Motorola-Droid Although Verizon Warless starts offering Apple’s iPhone, still it is touted by Motorola that its popular Droid smartphones will continue to thrive. As a matter of fact, Verizon Wireless is considered to be the major seller of the Motorola Droid.

Now Motorola is split into two divisions. The first one is responsible for developing Droids as well as set-top cable TV boxes. It is known as Motorola Mobility. As for the second division, it creates wireless gear for businesses as well as carriers and it is called Motorola Solutions. What is more, both divisions started to trade on Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange.

It is revealed by reports that Verizon Wireless has managed to sell an estimated 60% of Droid products. Due to such success, sales of Android based smartphones was boosted. It is expected that Verizon Wireless will announce this week that it will sell iPhones as well as Droids. Still it is interesting to see what will be chosen by customers of carrier, iPhones or Droids.

Motorola Mobility is going to create smartphones and tablets as well. Moreover, the division plans to develop other devices and services, such as management and content delivery as well as other cloud-based offerings.

As for Motorola Solutions, it is responsible for making carrier broadband wireless gear, like LTE, CDMA and wireless access points, wireless network management software as well as wireless Ethernet bridges.

Motorola Mobility was opened yesterday on the NYSE at $31.17, as for Motorola Solutions, it was opened at $37.30.

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