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 Nintendo-Wii-vs.-Xbox-360-Kinect 3 years ago, the gaming scene was quite different. I remember driving around within the 40 miles radius of my vicinity, to places such as: Walmart, Game Stop and RadioShack. I was looking for a Nintendo Wii for my nephew because it was one of the hottest gaming products. It was a tough product to seek but I finally managed to get one Wii unit. I held it up over my head like the mighty chalice it was and drove all the way back home, thanking God that he blessed me with this gaming unit at the right time.

Oh well, the next few months were a blast. My nephew enjoyed gaming. He loved kicking and he’d haul me over in front of the TV, just to play a few rounds of his favorite titles. It was a good workout too. 18 months later, it’s still the same Wii, eating dust and sitting idle in one corner. The product has now failed to impress those kids as it used to. That nephew of mine started pining for an Xbox 360 Kinect unit. I bought it for $350 and made a little side by side comparison.

Both units (Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect) have almost similar capabilities and specs. They’ve got 700MHz range processors but it’s the games that mostly define the console’s edge one another. Wii is good as it allows some games through Wii connect 24 features, while Xbox Live is an open platform for the whole world to join.

Wii has joined the Motion Plus controller lineup and supports a tightly packed environment easily. Kinect, on the other hand, requires more room to work properly. You need to have 6 to 9 feet between the console unit and those around you. I think both products are nice from their own unique perspectives. At least they’re still hot at this time of the year.

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