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 Google-Chrome-OS Google Chrome OS may not be that “impressive” to analysts in terms of appearances and hardware collaboration. However, this new operating system is going to change the course of technological advancements and previous trends of application development techniques.

The Operating System hasn’t been released yet, but given the high amount of anticipation, we can expect it to be released in a few weeks from today. Google CEO Eric Schmidt, during the Web 2.0 Summit conference said that the Chrome OS could be out there by the end of this year. Well… it’s already December and we haven’t seen even a fickle of the OS. Maybe they’re going to release something during or after the holiday season. Don’t you think so? By the way, Google officials also said that they’ll be releasing a notebook, alongside the OS.

No, we’re not talking about the iPad 2 here. The Chrome OS based notebook will be something normal, except for a few issues here and there. If you have been linked to the computer industry for a while now, you may remember this guy called Larry Ellison. He had an infatuation with the concept of a thin device, a minimalist chunk of hardware – light on the size and weight, heavy on features and accessibilities. What Ellison wanted was a cloud based service; he couldn’t put his finger to it back then. His concept of a remote server and a client was really good, but it could never work out back then.

But its almost the end of 2010, so we think that Chrome OS will bring something new to the table. It’s the beginning of a new era that will shape the future of how notebooks will work.

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