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 iPhone-Games You did hear about Plants vs. Zombies and by now, the whole world also knows a lot about Angry Birds. What you didn’t know of, was this new game known as “Plant vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas”. Oh boy, that’s a tricky name, let’s use the smaller term: PvNvZvP, it’s more suitable.

The game is a classic rip-off of the Angry Birds series. That being said, there are some major flaws that still make Angry Birds look a lot better than the latter game. By the way, if you’re interested in knowing the developers behind the PvNvZvP title, it’s an old company known as Tactile Entertainment. I’d say that they made an effort to amuse people at least. Isn’t it obvious from the title?

You already have an idea that this game is a feud between Plants, Zombies, Ninjas, Pandas and some other anomalies. I heard there were Pirates in there too, so the story starts like this: The Pirates raided an island that was occupied by the remaining three or four species. The raid caused havoc and all peaceful residents are now fighting against each other for menial and downright absurd causes.

Moving on towards the level design stuff, they’re all based in a 2D set up. You’re supposed to use cannon on left or right side of the screen to bring down your enemies that are normally popping in at the center. Do know this that the cannons have a timer and they’re not instantly usable after each shot has been fired.

There are 45 levels in PvNvZvP, and the developers separated them into different categories. Alongside these levels, there’s a long line of ridiculous bugs and glitches. Sometimes your shots don’t have any effect at all, which seems to make you angry at times. The Game’s AI will take its time to realize that the level has been completed.

At times, PvNvZvP will freeze on you, leaving you out in the cold.

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