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 Gameloft Last Friday was a big treat for iOS based gamers. Do you know why? Just like the rest of retailers, Gameloft, a leading game developer, released its Winter lineup for this year. There are some pretty interesting sequels and new titles as well. For instance, you’ll be pitched against the same old adrenaline pumping sequences in:

• Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
• Nova 2
• Dungeon Hunter 2

Moving ahead towards the new stuff, the latest titles are Star Front Collision, Eternal Legacy and Shadow Guardian. They’re really nice games because we managed to pull some strings and tested them out for a good while. Sadly, the Gameloft guys didn’t let us “borrow” a copy, so we had to get by with a little less.

Gameloft has earned quite a reputation, by being a competitive iOS game developing platform. They’ve created games in different genres; think of sports, typical arcade platform, graphically intense games and ping pong style titles. Gamers, on the other hand, like these titles because of their parotic nature. Yes, sometimes they’re knockoffs of other titles such as; Modern Combat. It is a CoD: MW2 rip-off.

But then again, there are lots of titles that are highly addictive. For instance, there’s the Dungeon Hunter franchise, it is one of the first real hits on the iTunes App Store, for a company as new as Gameloft. The second installment looks good, as in all the graphics, story mode and an impressive array of loots. The usual world has grown 5 times bigger, there are more enemies, tons of monsters to slay and a brand new apparel to get along with. Oh, there’s the Co-op mode, so you’re going to love the multiplayer platform as well.

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