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 Cityville-game When Farmville was released, people used to say that its one tough game that’s way too hard to be surpassed by any other developer. Well, those claims were proven wrong because Farmville is now struggling to keep up with Cityville, another game that was released a few months back.

According to statistics, Cityville pooled in 60 million users within the first 24 days of its launch. A brief recap of this success was later on regarded as Cityville’s wide availability in 6 different languages. Facebook, on the other hand, realized this fact just recently and translated Farmville in Chinese language, to catch a wider population.

However, the strategy was applied way too late because Cityville has already taken over the online platform like a plague. By the way, you may call it a move derived out of sheer jealousy; Facebook blocked all sorts of Cityville feeds and updates on its website. This blockade hasn’t stopped people from going for Cityville because the company is attracting customers and clients through its main webpage.

Farmville may have hit a few snags while it was rolling around like a steam engine. Cityville, on the other hand, has not touted out any slow progress. They’re moving ahead at lightning pace just because the game was in the production and development phase for over a year. Speaking of that, most of the online games are released just a few months after their development, which leaves a lot of empty room for improvements.

Cityville may have similar visuals as compared to Farmville, but the game is said to be smooth and more attractive.

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