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 OnLive-Game-Platform Last month, we talked about the prospects of having a Sony PS4 or an Xbox 720. We also heard that these consoles, when released, will probably not support in built gaming mechanism. It means that the games will be bought online, with the availability of playing them through cloud based services.

Known as On Live Gaming platform, it is a high-tech gaming system that is made available for $99 or less, on bi yearly or yearly basis. The system works in collaboration with a MicroConsole TV adapter and a wireless controller, which will work just like your regular PS3 or Xbox 360 controller.

As a plus point, On Live cloud gaming wouldn’t require any discs, downloads or updates. It also means that there will be tighter security modules and certainly no hacking mods that hackers have been applying on PS3, Xbox 360 and other consoles. However, On Live games will definitely require a high speed internet access, which is still a rarity these days.

This simple internet cliché will drop the On Live games demand significantly. Think of India, Pakistan, Bolivia, Nigeria and such countries that normally don’t have high speed internet availability. Do you think your money will be well invested in that case?

On Live’s founder and CEO – Steve Perlman recently said in a Press Conference, “Our latest delivery system allows enjoyment of the games without ever having to bother with discs, downloads or updates. We think that this is the start of a new era for video games and home entertainment.”

But it also comes down to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Whether they’ll be willing to opt for cloud based games or not, it is up to them. Only time will reveal the true nature and potential of On Live Cloud based Games.

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