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 Microsoft-TV-Platform Microsoft is rumored to be working on an upcoming internet TV platform. Why they’re doing it? well, the reason is simple:

A.    Revenue
B.    Beat the market completion and build a better PR

Besides, Microsoft has already given a shot to the old streaming game by adding live streamed ESPN content to the Xbox Live Updates. Users can log on to their Xbox accounts to catch a glimpse of the ongoing sporty action.

A Microsoft spokesperson said, “We think the more competition the better, we will price and package it in such a way that we still make the dual revenue stream. We could probably charge more for interactive advertising.”

At this point, I do want to say that Microsoft is getting expensive day by day. The company charges for almost everything, even if the amount adds up to pennies and cents. Compared to that, at least the Playstation guys are well off because they don’t have to pay anything extra to play games in multiplayer modes.

Coming back to the Pay TV thing, Microsoft revealed these plans in the past few weeks. Since the current generation is looking to get more convenient ways of watching TV, the company wants to take this opportunity and morph the TV watching experience into something totally new.

By the way, Microsoft is still not clear on the idea whether people will be comfortable with the idea of surfing the net through their  A company?s representative said, ?While we still are not clear if people really want to surf the Web on their televisions, like what Google TV offers, we do know that the concept of tying Internet content to television content makes sense and needs to be flushed out properly, with a clean interface, good apps, very easy navigation. But no one has figured out what the killer app is. One missing component so far is video-on-demand.? This will definetly change the way satellite TV deals are. If video on demand comes to phones, then people will not be much into having cable in the their homes anymore.

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  1. 360 already delivers IPTV. If you have have AT&T Uverse you can use your 360 as a set top box for a one time fee of $99. In the UK you can use Sky player

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