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 iPad-2Oh, just when we thought that the world will never see another iPad, Apple made a startling announcement. Well, it’s not basically an announcement, just a secretly wrapped news bundle. Rumor has it that Apple is working on the iPad 2, which will be released or probably head for debut in January 2011.

As of now, the company has sold over 7 Million iPads, and a few thousand will be sold during the holiday season. The device is very much available at Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart and god knows where else. The important thing is that you should keep your eyes open for any sudden or slight price drops in the iPad. Of course, the company would want to reduce the inventory stock, to prep up for the iPad 2’s. Hence, deals might be found if Apple wants to reduce inventory in anticipation of iPad 2.0. So what are you expecting from the new iPad?

•    FaceTime;

FaceTime is a must-have application for the new iPad. This mobile video chat service was launched for the iPhone 4 community. There are still not a lot of FaceTime users, so releasing it for the iPad 2 will make a lot of sense. Plus, the app is cool and may come in handy when you’re missing someone.

•    Camera Debate;

Hmmm, if the iPad 2 is supposed to have FaceTime, obviously there will be a front facing camera. But it is being debated whether the iPad 2 will illustrate a rear facing camera or not. Some reliable sources have said that the next iPad will have a 5 MP camera, located at the rear panel of the tablet. The tablet computer will look a little weird though. Snapping Pics with a 10 Inch camera? How does that sound?

2 Responses to “Apple Arming iPad 2 For Launch”

  1. Each day it appears new info is coming out…I just read that Apple processed a patent for a carbon fiber casing for iPads — this would increase connectivity. I also suspect that retina display will be added as well as a memory upgrade. Mac Rumors has reported a possible mini USB port. As for now I am waiting!

  2. How about Adobe flash? As popular as it is on the web I don’t know why they can’t add it. Most video not on You Tube uses Adobe 10 Flash.