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Mobile phones have become an undue necessity in our lives. Everywhere you go staying connected is the buzz word. The technology in the mobile phones arena has been advancing with every passing day. Every new device is vying to make its features better than the others. People have started appreciating technology and its varied uses in mobile phones. Nokia is one of the leading names when it comes to mobile innovation. It keeps coming up with new models and bed of features with everyday new mobile which it launches. One of the recent launches has been of Nokia E5-00 QWERTY model.

There are many features which set the Nokia E 5-00 apart from the other models. It is relatively very light being just 126 g and this adds to its sleek and good looks. It has a five megapixel camera and you can actually end up capturing a lot of nice pictures. The screen of this phone is 2.4 inches wide, although it is not as wide as compared to other phones in the same league. It has a resolution of 240 X 320 p. It can also be used for shooting a video but only at 15 ps. It has features of a QWERTY keypad which can make typing rarely easier for you. When you are travelling around, you can find it convenient to stay connected and access the Internet with the help of features like WLAN and 3-G network.

You can make use of all your chat and e-mail accounts with the help of this handset. Stay connected with the help of your favorite Facebook, twitter, orkut, Gmail and your other regular websites. It has a memory of about 250 MB. In case if you want to access more memory you can make use of a memory card which can expand to 16 GB. Like every other Nokia’s handset the battery life is remarkable. It has an active battery life of 18 hours when used regularly however in cases of standby it can extend up to 29 days.

This phone is simple and user-friendly; any user accessing the homepage can easily sort out how to use it. You can also keep downloading games and applications from time to time for the Nokia E5-00. In case you want to set your favorite music file as your ring tone, you can do so with the help of Nokia E5-00. There is also a presence of multimedia play which helps in playing many file TYPES. These can be streaming video files, Pod casts all can be videos on the popular youtube. It also boasts of a head phones port as well as a Bluetooth connection. This phone is available in many different vibrant colours and you can pick up one depending on your choice.

In case you have a business and are always on the move that this could be the right phone for you. It can cost you around $25. With its various 3-G features as well as applications, Nokia has provided a very smart and efficient handset to the market

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