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The new operating system for the older Apple iPhones is not playing well. If you own an older model iPhone and have a hard time with iOS 4, you are not alone. The new operating system was designed for faster processors. Take a look at what you may be able to do here.

Many are reporting a glitch of the iOS 4 with the older models of the iPhone. Slowing down and guzzling the battery juice are common problems. Its not like the older iPhone models did not already have a problem with keeping the battery charged. Now the new operating system exacerbates it. The former problems seem to be pinned down to the 3G model. The 3GS model is not reported to have battery problems connected to the iOS 4 system. It is reported to have the same problem with lethargic operation.

Apple has been duly notified and they are on track with a work-around. Developers for the world of Apple have been creating the iOS 4 Beta 2. It is hoped this will be eliminating the slowness. There is no word yet on if the Beta 2 version will deal with the battery drain problem.

A warning was previously published by Apple. They stated to the world that not all the features of iOS 4 would be available on older model iPhones. That is still no excuse for what is going on today. The former problem with iPhone 4 antennas combined now with the slow operation of older models takes the complaint level to the upper limits. iOS 4 on older models of iPhones just does not work well yet. What is the fix ? The best fix for now is to hold off before installing the iOS 4 system on your older iPhone. It is possible to downgrade a 3G or 3GS after upgrading, but the process is involved.

If you thought you were going to get the screen “multi touch” feature on a 3G phone with the iOS 4 system, it is not going to happen. The processor on the 3G can not handle the same tasks as the 3GS. This is one of the “warnings” that Apple was talking about earlier. The “pinch and zoom” feature will work with iOS 4 and a 3GS iPhone.

As other locations chime in on the iOS 4 problems it become appartent this is not limited to just a few devices. Videos are springing up at youtube. They show that iOS 4 is 40 percent slower to launch on the 3G phone. Similarly, shooting a photo is 54 percent slower. Accessing the settings is an astounding 125 percent slower. There is one bright point. In the side-by-side tests the Safari browser is 37 percent faster.

Other perhaps non-related problems are also popping up with iOS 4. People who hook up their upgraded iPhones to their car stereos are having compatibility problems. It is probably not something Apple will feel obliged to fix. It will be something the car stereo manufacturers will have to deal with. It may also be a reason for stereo manufacturers to make a quick buck or two. With every Apple update, this problem seems to rear its head. If you are having this problem, you could contact Apple, but it may be easier to contact those who made the stereo.

The major problems of slowness and batteries going dry can be fixed. It just remains to be seen how long it will take Apple to fix them. For now, you may not want to upgrade just yet.

10 Responses to “Apple Having A Problem With iOS 4 On 3G Phones”

  1. Pat McMakin August 3, 2010

    As a long time Apple user and fan, I find it unconscionable that Apple unleashed iOS4 to 3G users. I cannot believe that the company never tested the software “upgrade” on the older models. I tend to think it to be an upselling technique but the result for me is that I may move to Android. To use the old tried and true comparison, if my car ran 125% slower after a factory recall, the public would be calling for federal action. How Apple can be months into this problem without addressing it is simply corporate irresponsibly. In a weak moment, I went to the Apple store to discuss an iPad and waited while the sales “genius” tried to help a young woman figure out why her iPhone 4 was glitching every time she attempted to open a photo. While the rep was polite, he had no answers. Made me leave wondering what other bombs lay lurking beneath the broken antenna. Which, how could they miss that as well.

  2. Chellie Godeaux August 3, 2010

    What is the timeline for fixing the IOS4 upgrade battery drain problem. My phone must be charged 3 times daily on a slow business day. Consumers for Apple will quickly drive us back to Blackberry. We need a fix quick or free additional chargers for home, office and auto.

  3. Barry Aldridge August 3, 2010

    I have a 3G that I just upgraded to iOS 4 and I wish I’d read this first. I am having all of those problems you mention. Every application opens much more slowly and they operate in a slow, pokey manner. Mail takes forever to download, far slower than it was with 3.1.2. Even the browser is much slower. Apple has, one again, created an inferior product and I think this might be the last straw for me as far as getting another iPhone.

    Does anyone know how I can downgrade my iPhone back to 3.1.2? It was also a slow and bug-ridden OS, but it was nothing near as bad as iOS 4.

  4. Is it possible to uninstall the latest newer versions that has created the problems with the 3G’s?

  5. Prospective Ex-Apple Customer! August 3, 2010

    Antennagate had NOTHING on the G3+iOS4 debacle.

    This is akin to dropping off your relatively new car at the dealership for a required tuneup, and after picking it up, you find that it is unable to accelerate past 45 mph. Solutions to “help” speed it up require such things as disabling the onboard nav system and the AC.

    The solutions for the G3+iOS4 problem thus far are to disable features that previously worked just fine (and those solutions have made no discernable difference on my 3G, except of course for removing some of the features for which I paid in addition to all the previously reported problems).

    I’ve had my 3g for 18 months. First Apple product I’ve ever bought.

    If this isn’t fixed in a jiffy or if there is not an easy path to a rollback, I will be looking to buy a Droid (or some other phone).

    I will not be upgrading to the iPhone 4 until Apple has rectified this situation, because my trust in Apple must first be restored.


  6. The dude August 3, 2010

    This is ridiculous, My Iphone 3G is almost unusable after the upgrade to 4.01 OS. There are times that my phone is so lethargic I can even answer a call! Apple was after the money this time. They released an inferior product trying to beat EVO and Droid Phones. This fiasco will push them back a few years. The Apple has brown spot and will turn rotten without a major fix, which in my opinion should have been taken care of already!

  7. Unbelievable August 3, 2010

    I have the same problems as everyone has mentioned. Restoring it has not worked, shutting off all spotlight search features hasn’t worked. Apple’s latest products have been absolute garbage-a phone that if you don’t hold “correctly” hangs up on people? A OS that cripples a previously perfectly good phone? Thank you apple, you have made my next decision very easy: goodbye Apple and goodbye AT&T. The only point to having less than reliable ATT was to have an iphone, so much for that.