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The Nikon Coolpix S8000 is a compact and slim camera that is available with a wide-angle zoom lens, 720p HD movie mode, as well as high-resolution LCD. Actually, such features can draw attention of many consumers, but still those who might appreciate them would like to have more and even better shooting options.

The model is offered in the following color shades: red, black, silver as well as bronze. Having a 10x zoom lens it is considered to be compact enough. Moreover, it is regarded as on of the slimmest cameras in its class. It is enabled with metal casing.

The menu system and controls are not so complicated, so you won’t have problems with them. The menu system is divided into three tabs, such as Setup, Movie and Shooting. Due to the high resolution screen menus look sharp and they are easy to read. Also the model is enabled with straightforward controls. It includes a record button used for movies, shooting mode button which is labeled as “Scene,” OK button, four-way control pad/wheel as well as Delete and Menu buttons.

The camera offers two Auto modes: Scene Auto Selector and Auto mode. Scene Auto Selector is responsible for adjusting settings in a proper way according to 6 common scene types. With the help of Auto mode one can alter white balance, ISO, as well as exposure compensation, autofocus area, light metering, and continuous shooting modes.

The S8000 offers an average photo quality. As for the color performance, it is very good. The camera provides accurate, vibrant as well as bright colors.

In fact, the Nikon Coolpix S8000 can be considered as a strange camera as it is hard to understand the target user of the device.

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  1. I love my Nikon – it rocks. My next one will be a D300 for sure. Coolpix has been a great line for many years now – but time to move up