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 Nikon-Coolpix-S570-Stylish-and-Simple The Nikon Coolpix S570 is a stylish but at the same time simple camera. It comes with 5x zoom as well as wide-angle lens.

The camera is offered in red, pink, black and blue versions. Moreover, it is light in its weight and slim, so it won’t be a problem to put it into your pocket. It has a metal body that provides a sturdy feel.

The device is equipped with standard controls that are east to use. The shutter release and power buttons can be found on top of the camera. LCD as well as other buttons can be found on back of the camera. You can take advantage of a directional pad that is used for setting exposure as well as navigation, macro, timer as well as flash.

One thing that may confuse you is its four-way VR Image Stabilization. You may think that it is equipped with mechanical as well as optical stabilization, but it not. It should be mentioned that it is electronic and is based on shutter speed adjustments as well as high ISO settings.

Its shooting modes are focused on snapshooters. It offers standard 15 scene modes.

As for performance, it is average for its class, it needs 2 seconds to wake up and shoot. You will have to wait 2.2 seconds in order to make subsequent shots.
In general, the S570 performs photos of a good quality. In fact, colors are not accurate, but still you will be pleased with the results.

It is not considered to be a decent camera. But still it is an untracompact device that can be used for landscape as well as portrait shots.

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