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 Fujifilm-FinePix-HS10-Has-Feel-Look-and-Controls-of-a-dSLR The Fujifilm FinePix HS10 resembles the ultimate bridge camera, which spots with a wide-angle lens, electronic viewfinder, large tilting LCD, direct controls used for major settings.

In fact, the camera is similar in size to an entry-level digital SLR. It could be a compact device, but it is not so small. On top of the camera there is a shutter release which is available with a ring. Behind the shutter you are able to notice continuous-shooting as well as exposure compensation buttons.

The camera has similar button layouts as on a dSLR, it is equipped with a range of direct-setting buttons, including metering modes, ISO, autofocus areas, white balance and focus modes. You can take advantage of the control pad in case you want to navigate in the menu.

As for the LCD, it supports 230K dots, due to which it is bright. You can take advantage of an electronic viewfinder, which is not so great. The maker integrated a proximity sensor that is able to work in a quicker manner.

The main attraction of the camera is its lens. The device is enabled with an ultrawide-angle 24mm lens which is available with a maximum aperture of f2.8. The menu system is divided into two tabs: Set-Up as well as Shooting. It comes with different shooting modes ranging from automatic SR Auto to manual as well as semimanual controls. Also the HS10 offers 15 selectable scene types coming with two spots on the Mode dial.

The HS10 provides an average shooting performance. It requires 2.2 seconds to capture the first shot. As for shot-to-shot time, it needs 2.4 seconds.

Actually, you will be disappointed with photos. The camera provides soft details. But the color performance is considered to be very good as colors look vivid, bright and accurate as well.

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