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 Samsung-Genio-Qwerty-Reviews The Samsung Genio Qwerty can be regarded as a low cost alternative of the BlackBerry. It is available in different choices of color cases, good music player, text conversations and comes with cool graphics as well as decent battery life.

One can say that the Genio Qwerty resembles the BlackBerry Curve as it has almost the same size. Moreover, it is equipped with the QWERTY keyboard of practically the same style. But still the handset includes more fun, as it is offered with changeable covers, you are able to choose from white, yellow and black. But take in to consideration that is possible to change only the back of the handset.

It is equipped with a 2.2-inch display which is considered to be smaller compared to the BlackBerry. As a result, its resolution is lower, i.e. 176 x 220 pixels. As for the handset’s keyboard, it is regarded as a big disappointment.  In fact it is nasty. The thing is that it comes with small keys, also they are not responsive.

The camera is sub-standard, it lacks flash. The camera provides grainy shots even though you are taking a picture in absolutely perfect conditions.

You can take advantage of a FM radio as well as music player. Moreover, the cell phone is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. The memory of Samsung Genio Qwerty is small, i.e. 41 MB, but it can be expanded up to 8GB by means of a microSD memory card.

The Genio Qwerty is considered to be a quadband GSM handset which is available with Bluetooth as well as USB.

3 Responses to “Samsung Genio Qwerty Reviews”

  1. can twait to get this phone. wanted something like a blackberry, and this looks like one. got good features too

  2. that is not true at all. . . the keys are responsive, the pictures you take are not grainy at all. I have one and i love it.

  3. this phone isn’t bad for someone who is looking for something like a blackberry but can’t aford one just yet but i don’t really like it, the camera isn’t that good but hey it is only £70. it is quite easy to use but not got all the features i am really looking for so that is why i am upgrading to a blackberry.