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 naite Introduction and Design

The Naite J105i is considered to be an initiative of the GreenHeart company. The company is proud to announce that this J-series phone is the first which integrates their monicker.

When you hold this handset in your hand, you will be greatly surprised at its weight as it is very light (80g). The J105i has become one of the lightest phone models that doesn’t look cheap. The overall construction is very solid. The handset’s durability hasn’t been tested but the manufacturers are sure that this model is able to survive some bumps and knocks.

The keyboard can be either silver or red. The cover of the battery is made of plastic but it mimicks a part of steel that is quite solid and without useless spaces between the combined parts. As for the QVGA screen of the cellphone, it measures 2.2 inches and is able to support nearly 262K colors. It is important to mention that the handset looks very sharp due to the specifiations. You are able to get bright images and all the dark colors look really dark. If you would like to view movies or some other videos, this mobile is not a good choice for this purpose. You may be surprised but this phone has 2 cameras: one for video calling and the other one for 2MP primary shooting. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t contain a 3.5mm jack. The microSD card can keep 8GB of the information.

The handset comes with a standard keyboad and the main difficulty you may experience is connected with a pressure of your fingers. It should be quite slight and not very long as you may press several buttons at the same time, which is not considered to be good.

Moreover, the handset incorporates a five-way direction pad that also hasn’t got enough space. Speaking about a navigation pad, you may find it strange as it is raised above the main keypad plane, but it is done with a purpose to avoid accidental key pressings.


You will not be impressed by the software of a new model as it has standard Sony Ericsson phone arrangements. There is one thing that was added to this phone – a Playstation-esque media browser. Have you heard that the J105i is well-known for its feature phone interface and a particular browser? The onboard memory is 100MB, there is some space for your contacts entries and the maximum is 1000. One entry may contain different notes, numbers and addresses you need. Moreover, you should remember that the Naite is a member of the GreenHeart range, therefore, this phone has a couple of environmentally-minded special applications so that you can think about nature and do not harm it, using your mobile. But on the whole, there are a few people who will think about this feature of the phone but anyway they should know that there is such a possibility to have a phone that protects nature from polution.

You can linger on the Internet owing to the 3.6Mbps 3G support. But, anyway, it doesn’t provide you with many possible opportunities.

Performance and Conclusion

The call quality is not perfect but is quite good. Sometimes one can notice a lack of clarity. The speakers volume is very loud. The battery life is impressive as whatever you do, you will not be able to charge your cell phone for 3 days at least. If you look at this handset properly, you will notice that, in general, this is a good device that contains the most important elements for your daily needs.

22 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Naite J105i Will Modify Your Expectations”

  1. idiotic Mayweather Sr. April 7, 2010

    I’ve been using this phone for a month now and got very impressed. the camera, the audio and video quality, the applications. a lot of my friends also like it.

  2. yep, all things about this phone which is written above is true……..
    and I purchase this on 26th january 2010,
    this handset is very good….as it is very light weighted…. and many new features in it…

  3. stallin April 11, 2010

    i have a sony ericsson phone.i feel very good to use this naite phone.i thanks to sony ericsson to manufacture a this type of mobile.

  4. yes this phone very good. you also buy.

  5. John samuel April 28, 2010

    This phone is awesome. . .

  6. Anu Goyal May 6, 2010

    Today i have purchased this cell without checking its reviews.
    Must say: features are far better than other phones in this price range.
    Hope this works fine.

  7. felix May 12, 2010

    I need for j105i anti-virus software

  8. kfc_ultra May 29, 2010

    Its one the finest models of new generations!!!! it has got 3g and many more features!!!! i’ve liked its camera and video clarity very much!!! they will surprise u with its clarity!!!!!

    one thing is that how to lock ur phone!!! i don’t know how to lock folders or any files in naite j105i11
    if anyone can say me !! how to lock??

  9. kamlesh July 20, 2010

    Dear ,
    l am using this fone from last three months but its sound is not too much.
    music was paying very low sound
    so what to do about for this phone?

  10. how 2 lock the folders?

  11. n0w i have a pr0blem to my naite j105i c0uz when i turn off then i back to on my cellpone……My celphone did not open the windows then always on and off ……. only white i’ve seen my screen……….
    can u help me to solve this problem??????

  12. I am frustrated with this phone.. ear voice speaker is very poor and the battery performance is pathetic…

  13. the phone is good in camera and video clarity compared to c510 and nokia 6303.call quality depends upon network.this is good phone specialy for young

  14. bineesh August 23, 2010

    l am using this phone from last three months but its sound is not too much.
    music was paying very low sound
    so what to do about for this phone?

  15. I heard that this phone has inbuilt antivirus software..is that correct..also we can store unlimited msges and unlimited contacts..can any one pls reply

  16. Hi.I am Using this Phone for the Past 6 Months. Very Nice and Good. Cam, MP3,3G,Facebook,Applications all very Good, =Great Signal, Great Image Quality.
    I am really happy with this phone.thanks

  17. this phone not hav any inbuilt antivirus software…Its true..we can store unlimited msges and unlimited contacts..

  18. I just bought this phone a few days ago..but something happen when i using the camera. It like hang and memory card error. I must restart my phone to make it back to normal. Wht’s the problems?
    I also don’t know how to use the application like email and can’t setting it correctly. I also don’t have manual user as guide..any one can help me??

  19. petasan17 September 16, 2010

    i have use this phone for a year, i think this one is better than other in this price range.

    but i dont like about message alert, the duration only for 7 second

  20. i’m using this phone for 3 months. i got impressed. good video and camera.. its the cheapest and good 3g mobile,,

  21. how can we send mms through naite?
    for my cell its not working
    if we use 3g sim can we call 2 2g people?

  22. VIJAYAKUMAR November 29, 2010

    hai friends,
    i have impressed this mobile by its performance.especially net usage and java applications. when it is built with wifi and inbuilt antivirus, it becomes THE PHONE. will sony ericsion thing about this? i also agree about speaker sound. it is quality good but not enough sound(like local korean mobiles). CAMARA VERY GOOD.PUSH MAIL OPTION IMPRESSED.COULD SONY ERICSION THING ABOUT DISPLAY IN INDIAN LANGUAGES. anyway in 3G list phone, this is the best one i satisfied.